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Review: Gray Gets The Party Started With 'In My Head' Featuring Swings [AUDIO]

One good way to tell if a dance track stands above the rest is to imagine rolling up to a party where the song is blaring over the speakers.

If the song would make you want to enter the party, it's probably something worth investigating further.

The song "In My Head" off of South Korean rapper Gray's debut EP "Call Me Gray," released on Friday, definitely passes that test.

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And while all four songs off of "Call Me Gray," the first album on chart-topper Jay Park's new record label AOMG, are solid dance tracks, there is a little something extra about "In My Head" that causes it to stand out.

Mostly, that little extra something comes from the beat.

The four on the floor rhythmic pattern is certainly nothing that isn't heard in 95 percent of dance music. But Gray manages to strip it down to the bare essentials.

In the process, he finds a unique sound within the rhythmic minimalism.

And not all rappers sound great over a four on the floor dance groove. Sure Kanye West or Blu can slay a dance groove as easily as they can flow over the standard boom-bip of a typical hip-hop beat. But most hip-hop artists aren't that versatile

Both Gray and guest artist Swings sound right at home with this dance floor rhythm as they dig in with a flow that makes you want to nod your head as you move your hips.

The Daft Punk-inflected vocoder sounds in the hook of "In My Head" drive the track into funkier territory than the rest of "Call Me Gray."

If there is one area this debut artist could improve the most, it would be ditching the Autotune heard on the rest of the EP in favor of raw production techniques that made rap surpass rock as the international artistic currency of youth.

Yet this easily could be chalked-up to first album jitters. Overall, Gray is clearly an artist with a voice and a vision.

It is impossible to predict where the future of South Korean hip-hop (often given the unfortunately spelled moniker of K-rap) is heading. But with artists like Swings and Gray at the helm, it certainly could be a very interesting ride.

Listen to the song "In My Head" from Gray's debut EP "Call Me Gray" RIGHT HERE
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2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) Nominees has been Announced...Let the Voting Begin!

History of MAMA

Music makes one by bringing everyone together. No matter what genre or country, everyone comes out for one special night which is full of surprises as well as fantastic performances!!

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Mnet Asian Music Awards which is abbreviated as "MAMA" is Asia's top music awards. Launched in 1999 as the first as well as only Korean music video awards ceremony which was first named as Mnet KM Music Festival. Since that year, the location venue has changed by not only being in South Korea as well as only having Korean performers, other Asian stars from China, Japan as well as the United States has shown up and performed over the past years.

Over the years, the slogan has changed by being "Asian Wave" in 2009, "One Asia" in 2010, then "Music Makes One" in 2011-2013. This slogan was announced to bring different cultures, languages as well as people together on one great night and stage.

Asia's large-scale music awards ceremony, MAMA aims to bring Asia's music to the world, raise up the global stage and give international fans the opportunity to select the most beloved songs as well as artists of the year!!

MAMA is a place where K-Pop idols, Asian stars, and international celebrities come together for one night to create awesome collaboration stages that you will not see anywhere else.

This Year

This year, MAMA 2013 will take place in Hong Kong on November 22, 2013 (Friday) at 20:00 - 24:00 KST. Red carpet initiates at 18:00 - 20:00 and then the awards ceremony begins at 20:00 - 24:00 KST. Broadcast stations will be Korean as well broadcasted on Mnet, KM, tvN, OnStyle, O'live, Story On, XTM. Overseas broadcast will be Mnet Japan, Mnet America, and Channel M. There will be a live streaming by going to the link


Here is this years nominees for the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Best New Male Artist

Roy Kim



Yoo Seung Woo

Jung Joon Young

Best Male Group





Teen Top

Best Male Artist



Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Chul

Cho Yong Pil

Best New Female Artist

Kim Ye Lim

Ladies' Code

Yoo Sung Eun

Lee Hi

Crayon Pop

Best Female Artist

Baek Ji Young

Sun Mi



Lee Hyo Ri

Best Female Group


Girls' Generation




Best Dance Perrformance

G-Dragon: Crooked

Jay Park: Joah

PSY: Gentleman

Yong Yo Seob: Caffeine

Best Dance Performance

B1A4: What's Going On

EXO: Growl

BEAST: Shadow

Shinee: Dream Girl


Best Vocal Performance: Male

2AM: One Spring Day

Lee Seung Gi: Return

Lee Seung Chul: My Love

Cho Yong Pil: Bounce

K.Will: Love Blossom

Best Band Performance

CNBLUE: I'm Sorry

Nell: Ocean of Light

Dick Punks: Viva Primavera

Busker Busker: First Love

Jaurim: Twenty Five, Twenty One

Best Dance Performance: Female Solo

G.Na: Ooops!

Seo In Young: Please Love Me

Sun Mi: 24 Hours

CL: The Baddest Female

Lee Hyo Ri: Bad Girls

Best Dance Performance: Female

Girl's Day: Expect

Girls' Generation: I Got a Boy

SISTAR: Give It To Me

Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar

4Minute: What's Your Name?

Best Vocal Performance: Female

Davichi: Turtle

Lyn: Breakfast Heart

IU: The Red Shoes

Ailee: U&I

Lee Hi: 1,2,3,4

Best Rap Performance

MFBTY: Sweet Dream

Geeks: Wash Away

Dynamic Duo: BAAAM

Bacchi Gi: Shower of Tears

Verbal Jint: No Love (If It Ain't Love)

NISSAN Juke Best Music Video

G-Dragon: Coup D' Etat

Busker Busker: First Love

PSY: Gentleman

Lee Seung Chul: My Love

Cho Yong Pil: Bounce

Best Original Soundtrack

IRIS 2 OST- Davichi: Don't You Know

That Winter, The Wind Blows OST- The One: Winter Love

Gu Family Book OST- Suzy: Don't Forget Me

Master's Sun OST- Yoon Mi Rae: Touch Love

I Hear Your Voice OST- Jung Yup: Why Did You Come Now?

2012 MAMA

Want to relieve the exciting performances as well as the red carpet last year? Well you can, provided is the link that you can go to see last years event!


Start voting now and enjoy the recap from last years performances as well as red carpet!!

Finally, be sure to tune-in on November 22, 2013. If you miss it, there will be recaps uploaded.


Trouble Maker

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Dress Up Like Your Favorite Male K-pop Star: G-Dragon, Psy, Exo

I can guarantee that everyone will be dressing like the world famous Psy for this coming Halloween. Dressing up as Psy this Oct. 31 will be an affordable one since all you really need is a pair of dark shades, gel, and a cheesy colored suit that you can pick up at your local thrift store.

If you love G-Dragon and plan on dressing like him for the upcoming holiday, then lucky for you that the options are limitless. Here are a few ideas:

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If you're lucky enough to have 11 other guy friends who love EXO as much as you do then dress up like EXO for Halloween. Do your hair nice, wear skinny jeans, and order shirts with wolves on them and any time someone asks you who you are, get into the "Wolf" formation and any K-pop fan will understand immediately.

If you want to be Jay Park for Halloween get a washable black marker and draw tattoos all over you. Make sure you do it enough that your mom screams and passes out by the time out come downstairs. Don't worry about buying an outfit. Grab your fitted hat, a pair of dark jeans, and go topless. If your abs aren't up to par there are videos on YouTube that show you how to trick people into thinking you have abs with make-up.

And lastly, if you are a boy and you want to look like your favorite pretty male idol i.e., Hyun Joong, JaeJoong, or Taemin, I'm sorry to say but it's too late for you to get the kind of surgery that will make you look like those beautiful men.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Music Video Review: GRAY Feat. Jay Park "Dangerous"

On the 25th of October, GRAY, music producer and artist recently dropped the music video for his new track Dangerous. The music video features artist Jay Park and Korea's Next Top Model Cycle 4 Contestant Jung Ha Eun.

The music video is the debut of GRAY as an artist and although the song may have its moments, the video overall plays between the border of sloppy and amateur.

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The video features some big names, understandably so. Though GRAY has worked with other artists in the past as a producer, he isn't exactly a household name just yet. On that note, he chose to combine big names with hot babes, the formula of what he supposes will stamp him in the music industry.

It tries a little too hard. There are many shots in the music video that doesn't at all meet the bar set high by the Kpop artists. Although it may be said that this isn't a Kpop video in the least, that still wouldn't make up for the lackluster video shots and the hot girl artbitrarily placed into every scenario possible because apparently every RnB music video should be accessorized with one.

And it isn't like he didn't have music videos to take note from that may echo that style that he was going for. Outside of Kpop, there are music videos like DEV's Bass Down Low, that doesn't tell much of a story apart from the typical underground party, but still features shots that can be feasted on by the viewers; slow motion chaos, crisp contrasts, etc. Within the Korean music industry, Beatles by GI was a color pop of sound and choreography. And there is also Jay Park's I like 2 Party.

Overall, I'd say with a little more tightening up, this video could have done well with the elements that it had. As it is, it's pretty forgettable and generic. 4 out of 10 overall.

2NE1, G-Dragon, Girls' Generation, JYJ, Jay Park: 10 K-Pop Acts Who Have Collaborated With American And International Music Artists!

It's no surprise that the world K-Pop is getting more and more popular worldwide, especially in the America and other English-speaking territories.

And as K-Pop acts like G-Dragon, JYJ, and 2NE1 become celebrities to the international scene, more and more American and international music collaboration have occurred. Here is a list of some of the most prolific K-Pop acts who have worked with American and international arists like, Amerie, Sky Ferreira, Akon, and Kanye West!

G-Dragon & Flo Rida

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As a response to plagiarism allegations brought on G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" and Flo Rida's "Right Round," this track featuring both rappers happened.

[embedded content]

Jay Park & B.o.B.

After Jay Park covered the B.oB. single "Nothin' On You," a duet was released featuring B.o.B.'s rap and Jay Park sultry pipes.

[embedded content]

JYJ & Kanye West

Although the song "Ayyy Girl" featuring American artist Kanye West wasn't particularly well-received, the song, as well as JYJ's English album "The Beginning," did very well commercially.

[embedded content]

Girls' Generation & Snoop Dogg

For their English debut, K-Pop girl group Girls' Generation debuted "The Boys" along with a version featuring American artist Snoop Dogg.

[embedded content]

2NE1 &

In addition to working on their English album, American producer has had several collaborations with K-Pop girl group 2NE1, including singles like "Take the World On," and "Getting' Dumb."

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

GD & T.O.P. & Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott and her collaboration with GD & T.O.P. caused quite the stir in the international music scene. The song "Dancing on My Own" was featured on the Japanese edition of her album, "Young Foolish Happy."

[embedded content]

Wonder Girls & Akon

After venturing into the American music scene, Wonder Girls continued their success of "Nobody" with "Like Money" featuring American artist Akon.

[embedded content]

4Minute & Amerie

American R&B artist Amerie did a wonderful collaboration with 4Minute on the remix of her English single "Heard 'em All."

G-Dragon & Sky Ferreira

This recent collaboration occurred because CL introduced her labelmate G-Dragon to Ferreira.

[embedded content]

G-Dragon, CL & Diplo

[embedded content]

Prolific music producer Diplo has stated his admiration for G-Dragon and 2NE1 multiple times, and it appears a collaboration will be released featuring both YG leaders and the production work of Diplo. G-Dragon's single "Coup D'etat" features the work of Diplo as well as American artist Baauer.

What do you think of these K-Pop collaborations with American and international artists?

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This K-pop Week in Music Videos: Releases for the Week of October 21st

Needing to catch up onn your K-pop fix?

Lots of great music videos were released this week. Without further explanation, here are music artists that released new MV's for the week of October 21 - 27, 2013.


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Troublemaker "Now"

[embedded content]

K.Will "You Don't Know Love"

[embedded content]

T-ara "Number 9" (History version)

[embedded content]

Maybee "Tomorrow is Clear, Too"

[embedded content]

Park Ji Yoon "Mr. Lee"

[embedded content]

Yoo Seung Woo "U Who"

[embedded content]

BTS "Adult Child"

[embedded content]

Shin Seung Hun "Sorry"

[embedded content]

Urban Zakapa "Walk Backwards"

[embedded content]

Topp Dogg "Say It"

[embedded content]

Delight "School Bell"

[embedded content]

T.A.P. feat. TAHITI "Oh! Boy"

[embedded content]

Teen Top "Real Self"

[embedded content]

Gray Feat. Jay Park "Dangerous"

[embedded content]

Kanto "What You Want"

[embedded content]

N-Sonic "Run & Run"

[embedded content]

A-JAX "Snake"

[embedded content]

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Sex Factor: Trouble Maker Turns Up The Heat To Join K-Pop's Sexiest Comebacks Of 2013

Hyunseung and HyunA definitely have chemistry.

Hyunseung and HyunA definitely have chemistry.

With HyunA sporting morning after looks in the newest teaser photos and hints of sexy new choreography, Cube Entertainment's naughty duo is set to return to the K-Pop scene. In an industry filled with pastel tinted video treatments and performers who can turn on their full aegyo at the drop of a hat, it is refreshing to see artists who dare to sex things up. In contrast to the American pop industry, where artists like Miley Cyrus have to be fully naked as in her video for "Wrecking Ball" to actually create controversy, K-Pop artists can display skinship for the same level of shock value. In 2013, some of the sexiest comeback videos ranged from a girl group who took to pole dancing to illustrate the raw energy of "First Love" to a male star who wanted to remind his fans that he is more than just a comedic addition to "SNL Korea".

Jay Park is so inviting in his video for

Jay Park is so inviting in his video for "Welcome".

In April 2013, Jay Park released a 19 plus video which coincided with his birthday for the song "Welcome". Shedding the comedic innocence of his "SNL Korea" characters, Jay Park firmly established that he wanted to maintain his status as a sex symbol. The video maintains the artistry of 1990s hip-hop, with the suggestive invitation that Jay Park is welcoming audiences to his bed.

2PM used

2PM used "A.D.T.O.Y" to show they were grown and sexy.

JYP Entertainment's 2PM made a strong comeback in May 2013 with "A.D.T.O.Y" from the appropriately named "Grown". Although, "Come Back When You Hear This Song" was the leading single from "Grown", audiences were drawn to the sensuality of the "A.D.T.O.Y" video. The transition towards a more mature portrayal of 2PM was a wise one, considering the fact that members Chansung and Taecyeon had been heavily engaged in promotions for television projects during the time of the album release.

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Is After School pole Dancing or teaching pole fitness?

Is After School pole Dancing or teaching pole fitness?

After School turned to pole dancing for their music video "First Love" and received accolades for their mastery of an art relegated to adult entertainers and fitness instructors. The girl group is notorious for fully committing to learning new styles of dance and musicality, as witnessed previously with their choreography and promotions for "Bang". "First Love" has a slow tempo, which definitely helps to set the right mood.

Seungri goes from maknae to panty dropper.

Seungri goes from maknae to panty dropper.

BigBang's Seungri released a shocking 19 plus teaser for "Let's Talk About Love" comeback, in August 2013. The teaser featured high art images and video clips that seemed much more consistent with a G-Dragon release. Netizens immediately reacted to the teaser, especially to a scene that literally features panty dropping. YG Entertainment quickly clarified that neither Seungri or any of its other artists were actually depicted in the racy video, just their likeness.

How hot will HyunA and Hyunseung's Trouble Maker comeback be? If the dance teaser for "Now" is any indication, audiences can expect Hyunseung to literally be more hands on than he was for 2012's "Trouble Maker" choreography. With the news that the duo will also be releasing a 19 plus album following the initial market release for their comeback, HyunA and Hyunseung are most certainly poised have the sexiest comeback of 2013.